Blast mats just delivered.

Blast mats as delivered. Size 2.4m x 2.9m, bundled with slings for ease of handling. We have delivery options for all size mats.











Sizes:  From 1.0 m x 1.0 m up to 3.1 m x 7.2 m.      

Stock, and made to order.



Blasting mats, or mats used for other uses such as track mats or protection mats etc., can be made to specification sizes to best suit the customers job requirements.

Strong construction materials and methods ensure our mats can be used as lay-down protection, and hanging vertically as a wall protection.

Most common sizes:

2.4m x 2.9m (for transporting flat in open top containers and on tray trucks).

6.2m x 3.1m (for transporting rolled up in containers and on trucks)

Options:  Mats can be shackled together on site to create larger-sized units.

Weight: ~ 62kg/m2 +/- 10% .

Materials: Recycled truck tyres utilizing only the steel belted tread section.

Cable Stitching: Certified ISO 9001, 14 mm galvanised steel cable. Other sized cable can be used if specially ordered.

Stitching Options: Normally six rows of stitching cable.

Lifting Loops: Normally three lifting loops of 14mm steel cable at each end.

Shackles and fixings: Galvanised steel.

Wire Certification : Available upon request.

Custom Build: Blast mats utilized for alternate uses may require some design changes. Please contact for further information.


extra heavy duty rubber mat


Blasting mats BM292414

2.9 wide x 2.4 long. 3 lifting loops each end. 6 rows of 14 mm marine grade wire stitching.

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