Flintstone Blast Mats. Australia. Heavy duty, multi purpose rubber mats.

Our rubber and steel blanket protection mats have uses that extend beyond the use as blasting mats for the civil, quarrying, and mining Industries.

The concept of heavy duty tyre-tread rubber mats originates from the European forestry and logging industries.Similar mats were used to create safe and durable, relocatable road surface and track mats. The durable, high traction mats enabled trucking in the severe winter conditions, on remote and difficult access roads.

As well as providing many temporary access solutions such as track mats and relocatable boat ramps, our mats are also have applications in construction,farming, agriculture, and environmental protection strategies.

Additional to the use as blasting mats, our rubber tyre mats are also utilized as high traction construction mats,bog mats, swamp mats, road mats, access roads, track mats, leases, pipeline crossings,movable dam and water edge protection mats, creek crossings, staging areas, demolition mats, tank farms, rig mats, subsea uses as equipment pads, environmentally sensitive applications, farm uses,  pipeline construction, machinery pads, equipment pads, remote helicopter pads, emergency egress, accessing spills for environmental cleanup, transmission line construction, wind farm construction, bridge decks, and portable boat ramps for use as a stand-alone where there is no ramp, or to add additional boat and machinery access points, or to extend existing concrete boat ramps in low water level situations. Strong to also hang vetically for wall protection , and for use in demolition projects.

We are able to manufacture various size heavy duty rubber mats, which can also be shackled together if required, so they can be made to best suit the customers purpose. All our blast mats are a strong, heavy duty construction, with steel galvanized cables and fixings.

If you have a special requirement to the build of our blast mat, for use in other industries, we can also assist in custom design.