Flintstone Group Australia

Flintstone Blast Mats 



Blasting mats for the civil, quarrying and mining sectors, as well as other sectors utilising the mat for its properties for purposes unrelated to blasting.

Flintstone Group Australia, manages the customer service and distribution for European-built blasting mats throughout the Australian, New Zealand, and Asian regions. Together with our European and Asian colleagues, we can arrange export to anywhere in the world. 

Blasting Mats. Recycled tyre treadsOur blasting mats are manufactured with heavy duty vulcanised rubber and steel-belt commercial vehicle tyre treads. With plenty of substance and strength left in the tread section of the tyre, we utilise only the tread and use no sidewalls. Even when the rubber is worn down to the point where the tyre would be unsafe on the road, the enclosed steel belting layer is untouched and free of wear.

Our performance proven, heavy duty, steel and rubber mats are a recycled product that minimises the environmental impact of hard-to-dispose materials. The recycling and remanufacturing process has a very low energy footprint, and is an excellent way of helping to reduce the worlds growing waste disposal problems.

Additional to being a very cost effective and performance proven blastmat for flyrock prevention, air blast minimisation, and dust suppression, other uses include , road and track protection, traction surfaces for swampy or waterlogged forest roads, subsea uses, equipment pads, mud mats, portable boat ramps, water edge protection mats, and work and machinery pads, and more.  
Strong construction materials and methods ensure our mats can be used as lay-down protection, and hanging vertically as a wall protection.